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Wildland & Chipping

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Engine Boss, Boo Crandall battles a blaze at night with visible flames and smoke, illuminated by the fire's glow.
Engine Boss, Boo Crandall
Two workers in safety gear operating a wood chipper beside a red truck.




    Chipping Guidelines

    • The maximum size of pile that we will chip is 8 feet long by 6 feet tall by 8 feet wide.
    • The log butts must be facing out and in the same direction.
    • The pile must be less than 5 feet from the curb of a city or county street, not blocked by gates or fences, and not on a shared driveway.
    •  No building material is allowed.
    • Wire of any kind is not allowed.
    • Garbage, dirt, or debris of any kind is not allowed. Dirt, wire, and construction debris will damage our chipping machine. This will result in causing delays as we will have to take the machine out of service for repairs.
    • Lot Clearing is not a part of fuel mitigation.
    • If we are unable to chip your pile due to the pile being outside of our rules or if you do not want to wait for us to be in your neighborhood, we recommend that you search the internet for local landscapers. They may be able to help you. The North Fork Fire District does not recommend any one service over another.
    • Maximum acceptable material diameter is 4”.
    • 10.   No machine piled wood, it is too difficult and time consuming to unpile.